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What Does Rotary Kiln Do?


Rotary kilns are mainly used for calcination of cement clinker, divided into two categories: dry production cement kilns and wet production cement kilns. Metallurgical chemical kilns are mainly used for the magnetic roasting of lean iron ore in metallurgical industries; oxidation roasting of chromium and nickel iron ore; refractory plants roasting high metallurgical ore and aluminum plants roasting clinker and aluminum hydroxide; chemical plants roasting chromium ore and chromium Mineral powder and other minerals. Lime kiln (i.e. active lime kiln) is used to roast active lime and light-burned dolomite used in steel plants and ferroalloy plants.

working principle

       The rotary kiln is composed of the processes of gas flow, fuel combustion, heat transfer and material movement. The rotary kiln is how the fuel can be fully burned, and the heat of fuel combustion can be transferred to the material. After the material receives the heat, a series of physical processes occur. The chemical change later forms the finished clinker.

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