What is the Effect of the Inappropriate Position of the Burner on the Calcination of the Rotary Kiln?

时间:2022-02-24 作者 :超级管理员

The harm caused by the abnormal position of the burner (coal injection pipe) to the calcination of the rotary kiln is as follows:

①The position of the burner (coal injection pipe) is too high, the flame is long, the burning is far, the kiln skin is easy to burn out, and the operation is difficult to control. In addition, because the coal pipe is too high, the material cannot be burned, often when the incoming material is small, and it cannot be burned. The temperature is not easy to lift after the slow car, and once it starts to burn, it is easy to over-burn, often the temperature in the front is just right, and the rear is over-burned, and the kiln is forced to open the fast kiln air, which greatly reduces the coal, the thermal system is unstable, and the operation is passive, which affects the production quality.

②The position of the burner (coal injection pipe) is too low, and it can be burned when the material is small. Once the material is too much, the flame will tie down and directly contact the material. Fire, the fire point is muddy, and there is a lot of yellow core material, which affects the color of the cement. At the same time, if the burning is close, the flame is short, and it is easy to form a local high temperature, causing lumps in the front and shadows at the back. The CaO content of the sandwich material is very high, which seriously affects the quality of the cement.

③ The burner (coal injection pipe) is outside, the flame is generally scattered and unstable, the fire point moves forward, the shadow is close, the operation is difficult to control, it is easy to slow down, and it is easy to burn the front kiln skin.

④ The burner (coal injection pipe) is fed too much, the flame expansion force is poor at the beginning, the material layer is thickened without topping, the kiln is muddy, it is difficult to observe, and it is inconvenient to operate and control; when the flame is extended, it is easy to burn out Kiln skin behind.