Why is the Limonite Rotary Kiln Set Its Heart Again?

时间:2019-07-30 作者 :adminhk

No matter whether the limonite rotary kiln can be in normal operation, the surface of the supporting roller will show different levels of wear, and the final result is that the load distributed to each supporting point of the kiln will become very uneven, so the limonite rotary kiln needs to be fixed here to deal with the eccentric kiln phenomenon. This paper will introduce the rotary kiln re determination Kiln heart knowledge, for reference!

Why does limonite rotary kiln center again? According to the operation experience of limonite rotary kiln in the past, the adjustment will be stopped by repositioning the kiln core. The so-called re centering is to adjust the position of the backup roll and distribute the load equally to all rollers again. The implementation of this adjustment method, first of all, is to determine the position of the rotary center of each fulcrum of the rotary kiln. At this time, if the inappropriate method or similar method is used, even if the kiln core is determined, its effect will not be very good, and it may not achieve the purpose of reducing maintenance costs.

The technology separation tail gas purification installation can effectively control the secondary pollution. Emission regulations for arriving countries. When the waste fuel is used in limonite rotary kiln, the heavy metals in the waste will enter the furnace membrane for combustion and pouring; during the quenching process, the heavy metals with different characteristics will transform into two directions in the furnace chamber, and most of them will condense in the ash and solidify with sulfur and chlorine; a small part will enter the flue gas as gaseous phase metal. The test results show that the concentration well is not high. If the heavy metals exceed the standard, most of the flue gas containing gaseous metal will meet the low temperature alkaline limonite slurry in the purification tower, and will not form and pile up, so as to achieve the discharge standard.