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Sludge Ceramsite Production Line

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Sludge mainly includes industrial sludge and river sludge. Industrial sludge refers to the terminal discharge waste generated in the process of industrial production, such as the terminal waste of printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, smelting, refining, brewing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries; river sludge refers to the sludge dredged in rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. How to realize harmless, resource-based and reduced disposal of industrial sludge is a serious industry. The technology of calcining superfine kaolin in ceramsite rotary kiln at medium temperature (950 ℃ ~ 1050 ℃) is mature and advanced in China, which represents the development direction of superfine kaolin calcination technology. This calcination technology has low energy consumption, high output, stable performance after dehydration, decarbonization and whitening, It is widely used in ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials (cement), non-metallic ore, refractory, papermaking, environmental protection and other industries. It has the characteristics of high unit volume, long furnace life, high operation rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency and low heat consumption. It is an ideal calcination equipment.

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Sludge ceramsite sludge ceramsite was selected as the sludge ceramsite production equipment produced by Henan Hongke Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., with good quality and safety,

Process flow of producing ceramsite from sludge

The production of ceramsite rotary kiln is based on the expansion mechanism of ceramsite. The expansion temperature is carried out in the ceramsite rotary kiln, and then the pellets are expanded well under the action of gas to obtain the finished ceramsite. But the practice shows that the clay material with good expansibility can hardly expand when it is slowly heated to the expansion temperature, and good expansion can be obtained if the temperature is raised rapidly. Therefore, the basic principle of calcining ceramsite is that the material ball should be heated slowly in the drying preheating kiln to prevent the ball from cracking, and the high temperature section of the ceramsite rotary kiln should be heated rapidly to achieve the ideal expansion effect.

Performance characteristics of ceramsite made from sludge

1. Sludge ceramsite filter material has uniform particle size and high strength. The surface is empty. Internal network crisscross, not easy to form plate, has a strong adsorption effect, long service life.

2. The production of ceramsite from sludge is a feasible technical route, which can turn waste into treasure and can be used as resource and harmless

3. With good particle size distribution, it has strong pollution capacity and high utilization rate of filter material. The water head increases slowly, the operation period is long and the water yield is large.

4. The new type effectively realizes the harmless treatment and resource utilization of sludge. The complete set of fully automatic control production line is used to prepare ceramsite, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of operators

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