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Chicken Manure Dryer

Product Specification Product Specification : Φ800×7m-Φ3200×9m
Production Capacity Production Capacity : 1.0-20t/h
Application Fields Application Fields : It is suitable for large, medium and small chicken farms and developed areas

1.Chicken manure dryer Application

 This kind of rotary dryer is designed for high moisture material, such as more than 65% moisture. The same as Chicken manure, cow manure or pig manure. This dryer is different from other normal dryer, there is a inner mixing shaft to mix plup to better drying. And this type dryer is not very long, it is shorter than normal dryer. This can save your area, and the Drying efficiency is very high. The plup will be in dryer 30-50 mins more or less. You can adjust the speed. As normal, the drying working time is 24hours is better, our smallest model the output capacity is 0.5 t/h, the largest one is 20 t/h. And the outlet moisture is less than 15%.

Chicken manure before and after drying


2. What the chicken manure rotary drier consist of ?

The manure dryer include shell, lifting blade, mixing shaft, Frequency conversion motor, reducer, gear ring, roller ring and Overall support. So it is the whole plant to drying manure. It is suitable for High moisture material.

the chicken manure rotary drier

3. What fuel you can use to heat the rotary drier

You can use coal, natural gas, oil, biomass pellet to be fuel for this manure dryer. You should build a burning room to adjust hot air temperature. Normal temperature is 450-550C.

4. What kind of corollary equipment do you build for manure dryer

A. Dewaterer. The raw manure moisture is more than 70%, before drying, you need this dewaterer to reduce the water content to be . This can save the fuel consumption, and Improve the efficiency of drying. 

B. Transfer system: belt conveyor or screw conveyor. We suggest use screw conveyor for this manure, it can mix manure before feeding.

C. Dust catcher system: As normal can use cyclone catcher, and we also suggest to use wet-filter to Reduce odor.

D. Burning system+hot air room. The fire can not be in dryer directly, so you should build a hot air room with refractory bricks, then use fan blower to waft hot air to dryer.

5.Manure rotary dryer specification:

Early Moisture
Final Moisture
Main Power
Agitator Power
Fan Power

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