Coal Slime Rotary Dryer

Working principle of lignite coal drying machine

When the lignite coal dryer on operation, the belt conveyor feeding materials into feeding hopper. Materials go to the lower side by gravity when the lignite coal dryer’s barrel rotates. When the material inside the drum fluidization of lignite coal dryer , boiling hot wind and touch it thoroughly drying. The auto-combustion device from lignite coal dryer provides heat resource for our dryer, which adopts down-flow heating method. Scatters of lignite coal dryer will fly materials up and fall them down.

Features of coal slime drying machine

Our coal slime drying machine is designed with the best working conditions, which enables it to save 10-15% of energy and increase 10-15% of productivity compared with common dryers. Completely lignite coal dryer including heating stove, dryer tube, conveyor, dust collector etc.lignite coal dryer comes with thermocouple on the feeding and discharging device to control the temperature.

Operative skills of coal slime drying machine

If knowing operative skills of coal slime drying machine , you will find the coal slime drying machine’ efficiency is doubles increase. There are many skills to improve working efficiency of lignite coal dryer. Heating dryer of lignite coal dryer not individually centrifugal dryer, but it can't shut down the motor heating drying alone. As the proverb goes, skills come from practice.

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