Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust drying machine is designed for sawdust, chips, veneer drying design and manufacture. High drying output, remarkable energy saving, low maintenance and so on. Main works: wood chips into sawdust dryer inside the injection tube and the Rotary cylinder together, material in the barrel of boiling hot-blast full contact with the material to complete drying. Sawdust drying machine is wood pellets and other biomass pellet production process of mainstream devices, widely used at home and abroad in recent years.

Sawdust drying machine using high temperature and rapid drying process, with biomass fuel stove, a high degree of automation, dried products of good quality, dry fire safety device is within the system, air waste heat utilization equipment, production, low cost, safe and reliable production. In shavings dryer dry fiber drying Panel applied a very wide field.


1. Low temperature of leaving air, long work life of dust equipment.

2. Adopts new combination lifter device, it can be easily controlled all end moisture index according to the requirements of users.

3. High automaticity, easy operation, stable operation.

4. Small investment, high income.

5. This dryer is belonging to the new energy-saving products. It can save 20% energy than similar products.

6. The fuel can adopt coal, heavy oil, gas etc.

The work principle:

The powder and granular fly ash is sent to the feeder by belt feeding machine, then transport from feeding machine to drying drum, the fly ash is stirred by shoveling plate in the drying drum, even disperse to make fully contacting with hot air, to reach the goal of transferring heat for drying. At last the fly ash finished products is sent out through the discharging machine in the end of drum, then through the belt discharging to arrive the finished products area, complete the whole drying process