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Gypsum Rotary Kiln

Application: Construction Engineering, pharmacological treatment, mold processing, chemical industry, cement regulation, and many other fields.
Model :Ф1.6X150m

Gypsum rotary kiln is an industrial equipment, which can make a lot of production. And the production of gypsum has a great role, mainly used for construction of building engineering, pharmacological treatment, mold processing, chemical industry, cement regulation in many areas, almost became the indispensable in people’s daily life products, so it has a very deep value.

Technical Characteristics of Gypsum Rotary Kiln

The processing technology and equipment of gypsum and natural gypsum is not entirely the same, such as in material handling, dust processing, rotary kiln calcination process: physical properties of gypsum and natural gypsum are also different, such as gypsum with high purity, free water, fine particle size; particle size, uniform particle size distribution, poor gradation, standard condensed water, water soluble salt more; it is also worth noting that gypsum and natural gypsum plaster in two different sources, the calcium carbonate unreacted for existence, the main impurities and not completely oxidation of calcium sulfite impurity state is large, the other in the production process of desulfurization technology for the treatment of different. The limestone material, processing of different fineness of limestone will affect the quality of gypsum.

Technical characteristics of Gypsum Rotary Kiln Equipment

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